*All teams that have changed names since they won the award will have their current team name and former abbreviation.


  • Poke Ranger Mike, Lake Champlain Lapras (S3)

  • Dr. Somnia, Sootopolis Lake Monsters (S2)

  • Poke Ranger Mike, Lake Champlain Lapras (S1)

Best Regular Season Coach

  • Newkbomb (BCE), 9-2 (S4)

  • Newkbomb (BCE), 10-1 (S3)

  • Dr. Somnia (SLM), 10-1 (S2)

  • Poke Ranger Mike (LCL), 10-1 (S1)


*Regular Season stats only.

  • Charizard (18 Kills, +14) Boston Celebi (S4)

  • Tapu Bulu (14 Kills, +12), Lake Champlain Lapras (S3)

  • Latias (17 Kills, +14), Sootopolis Lake Monsters (S2)

  • Electivire (17 Kills, +14), NJG/Washingotn Archens (S1)

Rookie of the Season

*If there were not enough new players to draft format, it was the best new coach to join the league.

  • Crocster, Fusion (S4)

  • Dragon Master, Blackthorn Dragons (S3)

  • The Czar, Pittsburgh Riverhoundooms (S2)

  • Gordon Sine, NJG/Washington Archens (S1)

Most Improved Coach

*Season 1 was most surprising coach. This improvement is based on how they preformed in past seasons.

  • Cog Sentient, Dallas Girafarigs (S4)

  • Alyssa, San Jose Corsolas (S3)

  • Cog Sentient, SLC/Dallas Girafarigs (S2)

  • Gaytor, Cincinnati Salandits (S1)

Biggest Upset

  • Crocster (FUS) beats Poke Ranger Mike (LCL) week 11 (S4)

  • Alyssa (SJC) beats Arceus (LAL) week 9 (S3)

  • Bowser (AAZ) beats Gordon (WAR) week 6 (S2)

  • Golem (PAE) beats Red (BDE) week 11 (S1)

Best Nicknamer

*Award started in Season 4

  • jsmall Tampa Bay Mews (S4)


*Award started in Season 4

  • Gaytor Cincinnati Salandits (S4)

Funniest Battle

  • Bowser (LLO) vs CogSentient (DGI) week 1 (S4)

  • Almighty Arceus (LAL) vs Dragon Master (BTD) week 11 (S3)

  • Collin (BCO) vs Cog Sentient (SLC/DGI) week 10 (S2)

  • Golem Gaming (PAE) vs Walt0 (BBR/PFL) week 8 (S1)

Best Battle

*Most competitive

  • Poke Ranger Mike (LCL) vs Walt0 (PFL) week 4 (S4)

  • Newkbomb (BCE) vs Poke Ranger Mike (LCL) week 6 (S3)

  • Bug Leader Buzz (NPR) vs N-Solarizer (USC) week 11 (S2)

  • Fish (TTY/FDD) vs Poke Ranger Mike (LCL) week 11 (S1)

All-Star MVP

*The first All-Star Game was held in Season 3

  • Mudsdale of the Dallas Girafarigs, Team Newkbomb (S4)

  • Porygon2 of the Nashville Prankers, Team Poke Ranger Mike (S3)